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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

But to know me is to love me..

My Thoughts: Mid air heel clicks are awesome. This first picture speaks about a lot though. Like, this isn't just a mid air heel click. What did it take for this heel click to happen? Was I happy, excited, relieved, anxious, etc.? But your perception is your opinion. That doesn't make it a fact. My close family and friends knows that mid air heel clicks is my signature move (the robot too).

Black&White... first and foremost I love this picture. But what is your thoughts? Can you tell my life story by this pic. Wait, do you even know me to decide? Do you know what I'm trying to portray? Hhmm... what's interesting is that all of these answers would be based off of your opinions, not FACTS. You didn't take out time to really know me. You took your opinions and made it into facts. You've already put in your mind what type of person I am based off of this picture. But, to know me is to love me and to love me is to know me. I'm sure you do neither. Honestly though what makes people think that their opinions matter? Regardless, good or bad.. the motto I follow "Nobody CARES what you think" :)

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Everything; Means Something..

                                                                                   (Forever Quotes)

My Thoughts: How often do we overlook situations? How many times do we "laugh it off"? How often do we overlook what we try not to believe? Every person has a different answer. But here's mines.. I overlook things when I thing they are pointless. I "laugh it off" when I don't want to be hurt. I overlook and try not to believe when I'm in denial. This picture speaks reality to me. It's best not to overlook everything. However, overlooking is inevitable. Your mind allows you to capture what is important to you. But what about others? How do you know that a situation with one person will not eventually affect you? The moral of the story is that we don't know the true answers to most of these questions. However, my advice is to be more alert and to actually think things through be for reacting or disregarding. Your interpretation isn't always the truth. So don't try to make things out to what seems right in your eyes. Let's try looking at the bigger picture because as this quote simply states, "Everything means something.."

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Self Driven; Me, Myself, and I

My Thoughts: Confident, Intelligent, Creative, Sophisticate, Inspired, Sincere, Enlightened, Motivated, Driven, Determined, Strong, and a CONQUERER. These are terms that describes me as a person. These are the basics that makes me as a person. Not every day is a good day. Not everything can go my way. The sun isn't always shining in my life. and I'm not always smiling. The good part of having bad days is knowing that something good will soon work into my favor. This picture speaks Confidence, Motivation, Creativity, and Determination. The way I look at life is like this, "Leave room for disappointment.  Everyone doesn't have the same mindset in life. Don't punish someone for not knowing how you feel, especially if you don't take out time to tell them. Expect the unexpected knowing that YOU set your standards; don't settle for less." You know your value and what you deserve. Don't be afraid to let go of that good so that you can have that BETTER. It's called life, and it's time for us to start living :D

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Confidence; it's a beautiful thing


My Thoughts: Confidence comes from within and the beauty of it shows through your actions. There will be hard times but that's life. The good thing about life is knowing that when you fall, eventually you have to get back up. Let's not be moved by what we see but by what we believe. So that what we believe will become what we begin to see. This quote speaks powerfully. Walk with confidence knowing that if you fail then your success will be even greater. Enjoy your life the right way; living in confidence :) 

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Monday, February 7, 2011

I want to be a Billionaire.. so freaking BAD


My thoughts: This picture speaks my mind completely. It's amazing though. If it were 10 years ago and I was asked what is my goal in life, it would be nowhere near to this quote. Honestly, I think it may have been opposite. I once wanted to make history. I wanted to be that one to be known for making history. But as I aged and matured I realized that history is made every day, good or bad. So what's the point of it being a goal? How will making history benefit me? However, history is based off of your actions and how you've impacted someone/something. Don't get me wrong making history is a great goal for any person that puts their mind to it. Fortunately, that's not a goal  
for everyone.  Let me rephrase it, "Allow me to make make history by being a billionaire". And that's a minor goal. When it comes to money, I'm never satisfied. Now let's get this money.

Side note: It's good to surround yourself around peopole who have the same mindset and line of goals as you. I'm apart of #teamletsgetthismoney #teamgreen. If you're not on twitter you won't understand -_-

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If you're about this money then I have no problem adding you to this list.. just saying.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

TMaraxo; Bermudian Beauty

Photographer: Tavia Love 

Model: TMaraxo (Tamara Bradshaw)

Model Bio: Tamara was born and raised on the beautiful island of Bermuda, and though she has not done an extreme amount of modeling she has been featured in Makin’ Waves swimwear ads since 2008 and has been photographed by one of the island’s top photographers Mike Jones of In her words fashion is like life, it’s a journey. Fashion is an art form that is ever evolving and cannot be defined by one simple word or just one person. It takes a collection of people, creativity and passion to come to life like it does.

This was a great photo shoot with Tamara. She's very cooperative and experienced. A close friend of mines and yes she takes fashion very serious. You can tell by the photos. Here's her blog. Check it out "Style Journey"

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Tayk-One Photography "Behind The Scenes"


Photographer: Tavia Love

Videographer: Monica Barberousse

Male Models: DeCapo Music Group (Noah Nwachukwu and Darius Bryant)

Female Models: Tamara Bradshaw and Sandra Martin

This is the videography for one of Tayk-One Photography's photo shoots. This photo shoot was for DeCapo's album The Beginning of A New Era. In the video you can experience the mood of the photographer and models. I must say this was an interesting day as a whole. I had a great experience doing this photo shoots. We're all close friends so it made the photo shoot much more entertaining.

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