Thursday, February 10, 2011

Everything; Means Something..

                                                                                   (Forever Quotes)

My Thoughts: How often do we overlook situations? How many times do we "laugh it off"? How often do we overlook what we try not to believe? Every person has a different answer. But here's mines.. I overlook things when I thing they are pointless. I "laugh it off" when I don't want to be hurt. I overlook and try not to believe when I'm in denial. This picture speaks reality to me. It's best not to overlook everything. However, overlooking is inevitable. Your mind allows you to capture what is important to you. But what about others? How do you know that a situation with one person will not eventually affect you? The moral of the story is that we don't know the true answers to most of these questions. However, my advice is to be more alert and to actually think things through be for reacting or disregarding. Your interpretation isn't always the truth. So don't try to make things out to what seems right in your eyes. Let's try looking at the bigger picture because as this quote simply states, "Everything means something.."

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