Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Self Driven; Me, Myself, and I

My Thoughts: Confident, Intelligent, Creative, Sophisticate, Inspired, Sincere, Enlightened, Motivated, Driven, Determined, Strong, and a CONQUERER. These are terms that describes me as a person. These are the basics that makes me as a person. Not every day is a good day. Not everything can go my way. The sun isn't always shining in my life. and I'm not always smiling. The good part of having bad days is knowing that something good will soon work into my favor. This picture speaks Confidence, Motivation, Creativity, and Determination. The way I look at life is like this, "Leave room for disappointment.  Everyone doesn't have the same mindset in life. Don't punish someone for not knowing how you feel, especially if you don't take out time to tell them. Expect the unexpected knowing that YOU set your standards; don't settle for less." You know your value and what you deserve. Don't be afraid to let go of that good so that you can have that BETTER. It's called life, and it's time for us to start living :D

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  1. Yes, Yes, Yes...... Wow Tay. This is GREAT. This is definitely a reality check. We do have to let go of some good things to get the BETTER. I want the BETTER in Life and I am ready to let go.

  2. Yes ma-am!! This is the way we should live life. It's called "understanding yourself." :)