Monday, February 7, 2011

I want to be a Billionaire.. so freaking BAD


My thoughts: This picture speaks my mind completely. It's amazing though. If it were 10 years ago and I was asked what is my goal in life, it would be nowhere near to this quote. Honestly, I think it may have been opposite. I once wanted to make history. I wanted to be that one to be known for making history. But as I aged and matured I realized that history is made every day, good or bad. So what's the point of it being a goal? How will making history benefit me? However, history is based off of your actions and how you've impacted someone/something. Don't get me wrong making history is a great goal for any person that puts their mind to it. Fortunately, that's not a goal  
for everyone.  Let me rephrase it, "Allow me to make make history by being a billionaire". And that's a minor goal. When it comes to money, I'm never satisfied. Now let's get this money.

Side note: It's good to surround yourself around peopole who have the same mindset and line of goals as you. I'm apart of #teamletsgetthismoney #teamgreen. If you're not on twitter you won't understand -_-

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If you're about this money then I have no problem adding you to this list.. just saying.


  1. Nice Outlook on making history. We definitely are making history everyday whether planned or unplanned. What's really interesting is that once history is written for that day, time hour, that minute - we can't change it. So I would say to your readers. Make the best out of every moment; because once it's gone, you can't get it back.