Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Time; the aspects of change

My thoughts: Am I the only one that still isn't use to this time change "Spring Forward"? I know that it takes a couple of days getting use to but I don't think I was ever the type to "adapt" to sudden change. I personally feel like there's more to just "Spring Forward". You know that saying, "Time doesn't change; people do", it's been on my mind a lot lately. I'm starting to think that when it's daylight savings time not only the clock changes but people, our surroundings, situations, etc changes as well. Maybe when the time changes people change spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically too. But wait, daylight savings time is "Spring Forward" "Fall Back".. why must we go back? Why can't we just continue to go forward? Is it because change itself is necessary in order to proceed in life? But if that's the case then why go with the same pattern of "Spring Forward" "Fall Back"..? Why not just continue forward? I thought we weren't suppose to let the past interfere with the future. So why go back? Just curious.

This picture speaks life to me. It not only shows me time but it also shows a continuous road. Look at how it's spiral and not straight. That has to have some meaning. A clock doesn't tick backwards. It will ONLY go forward. A normal clock is a circular shape. Which means it "goes around". You the saying what goes around comes around? I think that has some connection too. Or maybe I'm thinking too much into it... *pause*... Nah, I know that there's more to daylight savings time. This is just my thoughts.

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